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Pen Drive Based Indicator

Eastern Weighing Systems is a reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Pen Drive Based Indicator. We offer advanced Pen Drive Based Indicator in which the all the data gets directly stored into the external storage device, that is Pen Drive, and without being saved in the digitizer. Data from one place to another can be easily transported with the use of this Pen Drive Based Indicator. Also, the data in uneditable format is stored in the pen drive which reduces the chances of manipulation as only a special software provided with the digitizer can open the recorded data.


  • No data is saved in digitizer
  • Data directly gets stored to external storage device (Pen Drive)  
  • Less chance of manipulation as data stored in pen drive is in an uneditable format
  • Only a special software supplied with the digitizer can open the records
  • Easy to transport data from one place to another